Last Friday we had our first event at the amazing Summit in San Francisco located in the heart of the Mission District.  The Falling Whistles Face Campaign is on its nation wide tour and invited us to partner up with them to help bring more awareness to their their movement to help bring peace to the Congo, and help introduce RAVN to the people.  Hosted by Julio Galvez and the lovely Arnelle Lozada (thanks for the photos Arnelle!), guests got a chance to learn about a global issue and how we can get involved locally, as well as discover RAVN and all of the amazing life experiences you can find, while delicious local brews were poured from taps and world class local wine flowed amongst the clinking of glasses as people meet and cheered.

This was the first of many fun, unique, and exclusive events brought to you by RAVN. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves and made many new friends.  We were happy to have the chance to meet people and influencers making a huge difference in this world, as we took the first step into the humble beginnings of community building.

Stay tuned for more to come from RAVN in a city near you… Can you say Tequila, Taco Bikes, Live Band, and beautiful people?  Good.


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